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Editor:    Michael Major
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Web Site:    http://www.winetitles.com.au/wij/index.html


Wine Industry Journal does accept freelance contributions, however please note contributions will be quite technical and written by wine industry experts. 


Technical articles submitted to the Wine Industry Journal should contain an abstract.  The abstract should not exceed 250 words and should be of a form suitable for inclusion in abstracting journals.  Abstracts are not necessary for feature articles.


The text of the paper must be in clear, concise and grammatically correct English.  Authors should use scientific jargon only where it is unavoidable; they should give a reference  for those expressions which are not contained in scientific dictionaries. Abbreviations must be clearly identified and should be used sparingly.


Footnotes are not encouraged and should be avoided by explaining points within the text. If used they should be placed within horizontal lines immediately below the line to which they refer.

Tables and Figures

Each set of data should be clearly presented either in the form of a table or a figure, and the choice of one or the other should be considered carefully.  Tables and figures must be self-explanatory. Check with Editor for more guidelines on tables and figures.


Authors are requested to submit articles on A4 sheets, typed double spaced, unjustified.  Authors should supply their article on computer disk.  The preferred format is Microsoft Word.  If you cannot save your document as a word file please submit your file saved in 'text only' (ASCII) format.

Diagrams, illustrations and photographs should be supplied when the article is submitted. Please check with the editor for further submission  requirements for diagrams and graphics.


Last updated on 8 January 2000 
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