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Transitions Abroad, in its 22nd year of publication, is the magazine for independent travelers of all ages who seek practical information on international travel that involves "growing and learning"—by living, studying, working, or vacationing alongside the people of the host country. The title "Transitions" is meant to suggest the changes in perception and understanding as well as in place which result from such cultural immersion travel.

Our readers' most of whom travel on a limited budget to increase their time abroad and their exposure to the culture—are interested in active involvement rather than in passive tourism. Contributors write from direct experience and supplement their material with sidebars containing contact names, addresses, etc. Readers seek the practical details they can use to plan their own adventures. The more usable information presented in a concise manner, the
greater the likelihood of publication.


What We Are Looking For 

Features (one or two per issue) and departments provide practical information and ideas ("nuts and bolts") on life-enriching travel, work, study, or living in another culture. Since Transitions Abroad assumes that all travel abroad
involves active engagement and learning, articles should be written with this assumption in mind.

As a resource guide, our purpose is to facilitate educational and culturally sensitive, life-enriching travel—not to distract or entertain. Information should be fresh, timely, and "unique"—not readily available in guidebooks or from tourist offices. We cannot use descriptions of first-hand experience that merely evoke local color from an outside observer's perspective and do not involve direct engagement with the people and culture.

As the editors are unable to check sources, current and accurate information is essential. Writers should be sensitive to the age range of our readers—from high school students to senior citizens. The average age is 40. Most travel abroad at least once a year. Most are college graduates; more than half hold a graduate degree.

What We Do Not Want in Features or Departments

Sightseeing or "destination" pieces that focus on what to see rather than on the people and culture; personal travelogues or descriptions of unique personal experiences (unless the reader can use the account in making their own travel plans); "consumer-oriented" articles that objectify the people of
other countries or that emphasize what visitors can get from them rather than what they can learn from them.


Length and Format of Feature Articles

Maximum length: 2,000 words. Average length: 1,000-1,500 words. We edit tightly. Manuscripts should be typewritten, double-spaced, and within conventional margins. The author's name and address should appear on at least the first page of the manuscript.


Sidebars include information not in the body of the article: relevant names and addresses, telephone numbers, costs, other options similar to the ones you are describing, etc. Well-researched supporting material in sidebars greatly
increases the likelihood of acceptance.


Information Exchange 

Readers are encouraged to exchange factual and current practical information on work, study, living, or educational travel abroad. Address letters to "Information Exchange." Be as brief as possible. Material submitted for other
departments or as features will sometimes be shortened for inclusion in Information Exchange. 500 words maximum.

Special Interest Travel: Resources and Program Notes

Department Editor Marian Goldberg welcomes news of publications, services, and other useful information for the learning traveler. 250 words maximum.

Responsible Travel News

Department Editor Dianne Brause welcomes news, events, or resources on culturally and environmentally responsible travel. 250 words maximum.

Ecologically Responsible Travel

Department Editor Deborah McLaren welcomes information on how local communities abroad organize and profit from eco-tourism, plus details on responsible tour organizers. 1,000 words maximum.

Worldwide Travel Bargains

Current information on good value for money options (not necessarily cheap), usually by travelers just back from a "discovery." Be specific about dates, contacts, etc. in the text. (No sidebars.) Several used each issue. 1,000 words maximum.

The Working Traveler

Editor Susan Griffith, an authority on short-term work abroad, combines her own informative pieces on working around the world with contributions from readers. Several used each issue. 1,000 words maximum.

Activity and Learning Holidays

Ways to combine a vacation abroad with a rewarding activity, from language study to mountain hiking. Several used each issue. 1,000 words maximum.

Education Abroad

Columns within this department (primarily for students and international educators) include: Study Abroad Adviser, Work Abroad Adviser, and Disability Travel Adviser. Columnists appreciate your feedback and suggestions, and guest columnists are welcome. 2,000 words maximum.

Program Notes

News of newly organized programs and tours—study, work, or travel—or changes in existing programs. Several used each issue. 250 words maximum.

The Independent Traveler, The Learning Traveler, Living Abroad

Columns in these departments are shorter versions of features: Practical information on immersion travel, work, study, or living abroad. 500 words maximum.


A query letter is suggested but not essential. Queries should be accompanied by a business-size SASE. All material is submitted on speculation. We purchase one-time rights only; rights revert to writers on publication. However, we reserve the right to reprint published articles in part or whole. We will consider reprinted material from publications outside our primary circulation area. Since ours is not the usual travel publication, writers may want to review a recent issue of Transitions Abroad for style and content (see order form below).

If possible, submit manuscripts on diskette or via e-mail (always accompanied by a paper copy). We can use materials submitted on disks formatted for IBM-compatibles (Microsoft Word or ASCII is preferred). Our e-mail address: editor@transitionsabroad.com. Our postal address: Transitions Abroad Publishing, Inc., P.O. Box 1300, Amherst, MA 01004-1300.

You may include black-and-white photographs with your manuscript when available (see photographer's guidelines).

Include a short biographical note at the end of each submission.

Include your name, address, and telephone numbers (day and evening) on at least the first page of your manuscript and on the back of each photograph.

If you want your material returned, be sure to provide an envelope of adequate size and with the correct postage for return. We do not return material unaccompanied by SASEs.

Initial response time to manuscripts is usually four weeks or less. We often request permission to hold a submission pending final decision shortly before publication. We record and file each submission and take great care with material "on hold" awaiting the appropriate issue. Unless you need your manuscript or photographs returned immediately, please do not telephone. We cannot provide status reports by phone.


Payment is on publication, normally $1.50-$2.00 per column inch (50-55 words), sometimes more for repeat contributors. For the most part, our contributors are not professional travel writers but people with information and ideas to share; we are much more interested in usable first-hand information
than in polished prose. We are always looking for experienced writers to become regular contributors or contributing editors. Fees for regular contributors are negotiable. Two copies of the issue in which your story
appears will be included with payment. Photos submitted with manuscripts pay an additional $10 each ($25 each for independent submissions).

Editorial Schedule 
Submit a query or article: email editor@transitionsabroad.com 


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