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The Edge

Address:     "The Edge"
                     65 Guinness Buildings
                     Fulham Palace Rd
                     London, W6 8BD, UK.

Web Site:      http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~houghtong/edge.htm
Guidelines:  http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~houghtong/order.htm

Contact:        Graham Evans
Email:           grahamevans@lineone.net


"I really, really do want people to look at (The Edge) before sending me ... inappropriate stories." - see Mail Order below

Guidelines for Potential Contributors 

Please read carefully and look at the magazine before contacting us.

The Edge is interested in fiction, features and reviews by writers from anywhere in the world. Please address to Graham Evans at the address above. 

We reply to all submissions that arrive with appropriate return postage or an email address within 3 weeks of receipt (usually within one week). We do not read submissions sent by email. 

Please note that The Edge accepts no responsibility for unsolicited submissions, and does not suffer fools gladly.


The Edge publishes unusual, interesting short stories of any length (not whole novels or sequels to work published elsewhere). Many have urban themes, and/or could be described (by others) as modern and borderline gothic horror/fantasy/sf, "slipstream" fiction, crime fiction or erotica; please don't send clichéd stories. Experimental work is welcome. There is always room for new names.  A lot of our fiction has subsequently been collected into book form. The Edge is, obviously, read by many professional writers and editors.  Please send one story at a time, and don't e-mail fiction to us. 


Features, including interviews, are usually commissioned. Our longest feature so far was 16,000 words. Please write with a sample of your work, published or unpublished, with appropriate return postage (see below) unless you are enclosing your email address. 

We have never published an unsolicited review. Those interested in book or film reviewing should look at a copy of the magazine and send examples of their work (published or unpublished).


Illustrators, cover artists and cartoonists are not required. 
Comic strip submissions will be considered, either serious or humorous, but look at the magazine (not just the site) first. We look at either complete strips or stories, or sample pages. All artwork sent must be disposable. 


Payments are negotiable (£30-200). Payment is made on publication, and we will send you proofs before printing. 
The Edge buys First Publication Rights (in any media, anywhere in the world) only. 

This sometimes seems to need spelling out... It means that anything accepted for publication must not have appeared anywhere, including on websites, before we publish it; and that after we publish it, it's yours again.

We’ve never said anywhere that The Edge will publish reprints and sometimes don’t bother to reply to
previously published submissions. So don't send them.


Please type double-spaced, number the pages of typescripts, and include your name and address and the approximate word-length. Paperclip your work. Yes, we mean all this. 

No poetry, simultaneous submissions or submissions by email or on disk. Please don't squash your work into a tiny envelope. If you send a big ms and a small sae we’ll assume the ms is disposable. 

Please don't send your work via any service requiring a signature on receipt. We get tons of things that way
already, and that’s enough.

We’re unable to comment on work submitted, enter into correspondence about it, and rarely reply personally. This is to save time. 

Unless you're someone whose work we’re already interested in, we’re very unlikely to visit your website to look
at your work.

Appropriate return postage 

UK: enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope (an SAE) for the return of your work, ensuring that the stamps are of sufficient value. Alternatively, send a disposable copy of your work plus an SAE for a letter of acceptance/rejection. 

If you're outside the UK, always send disposable work. 
If you're in Ireland or Europe 1 IRC (an International Reply Coupon) will be sufficient for an airmail reply. 
If you're outside Europe or Ireland enclose 2 (two) IRCs or $2 cash (US). This covers an airmail letter of reply.
One IRC isn't enough. We know some US post offices will say it should cover an airmail response. It actually
covers feather-light envelopes and paper or a hand-written postcard; we don't use those. 

Mail Order 

Rates are available for most currencies. Please enquire, letting us know what you want, and we'll probably be
able to give you a price in your own currency. 
Please e-mail all enquires or send them with return postage (1 International Reply Coupon from Europe, 2 IRCs
from outside) or an email address. 

UK: £2.95 per issue; 2 issue subscription, £6.00; 4 issue subscription, £10.00. 

Europe: £3.50 per issue; 2 issues, £7.00; 4 issues, £12.00. (Eurocheques accepted). 

USA: $7.00 per issue; 2 issues, $14.00; 4 issues, $25.00.
US checks are accepted, or you can send US cash or an International Money Order if you prefer. 

Australia: $8.50 per issue; 2 issues, $17.00; 4 issues, $31.00.
Australian cheques are accepted, or you can send Australian cash or an International Money Order if you prefer.

If you are outside Europe or the US, you can pay either the European price in British currency, plus £1 per 2
issues (International Money Order/Eurocheque/cash) or the US price (US cash or check, International Money
Order). Subscribers are sent each issue before the shops. Everything is sent post free and all overseas
orders are sent by airmail. 

Please make cheques, etc, payable to "The Edge", 65 Guinness Buildings, Fulham Palace Rd, London, W6
8BD, UK.

Last updated on 17 December 1999 
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