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                    30 Psaromilingon str 
                    Iraklion 71202 
Country:    Greece 

Contact:     Nikos Karellis 
Email:        niko@stigmes.gr 
Webpage: http://www.forthnet.gr/stigmes 

Whether you are Cretan living abroad and would like to indulge in your nostalgia, a Cretan fanatic in love with its unique culture and history, or a soon-to-be visitor of this island, Stigmes has all the information for you. 

The content of this magazine contains facts about Crete's 
extraordinary history to current events, enchanting tales and folklore to practical tourist recommendations. Stigmes should not only be seen as an outstanding publication, but also as a splendid symbol of Cretan pride. 

STIGMES is edited in Greek and all freelance contributions submitted have to be in that language. 

STIGMES on-line is bilingual (Greek - English) and freelance 
contributions in English are accepted. 

All texts have to be related to Crete, Cretan culture and civilization or Cretans living all over the world. 

There are no standard rates for freelance contributions, every text is evaluated by the chief editor. 


Nikos Karellis 

Last updated 12 July 1999 
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