Reseller News

Reseller News 

Address:     IDG Communications 
                     PO Box 6813 
                     Wellesley Street 
Country:      New Zealand 

Contact:       Anthony Doesburg, Editorial Director 
Email:          Anthony_Doesburg@idg.co.nz 
Webpage:    http://www.idg.co.nz/aboutidg/nw.html 

"New Zealand Reseller News is the newspaper for and about New Zealand's information technology channel. It is targeted at resellers, VARs, consultants, network and systems integrators, dealers and retailers. It also covers relevant topics for IT vendors, manufacturers and distributors. 

Each issue of New Zealand Reseller News carries a wide range of news stories and feature articles on issues of specific interest to the channel, including: 

product information, plus reviews and articles about new and upcoming products 
news about happenings in the New Zealand distribution channel, and on upcoming events, plus information about new agencies and international channel news 
features and articles to help the channel be more successful and profitable, including: point-of-sale merchandising, retail systems,
trade practices and telecommunications 

Unique in the New Zealand market, New Zealand Reseller News is written by specialist technology writers in New Zealand, with the support of IDG's global news resources and sister publications in many countries around the world, including the US and Australia. 

Published fortnightly, New Zealand Reseller News is delivered to a unique pre-qualified database of over 3200 VARs, distributors and dealers throughout New Zealand. 

Commissions work from freelancers. Doesn't have formal writer's guidelines." 

Last updated on 5 July 1999 
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