Pulp Eternity

Pulp Eternity 

Address:    Senior Editor, 
                    Pulp Eternity, 
                    PO Box 930068, 
                    Norcross GA 30003 
   Country: US 

Contact:     Steve Algieri 
Email:        pulpeternity@hotmail.com 
Webpage: http://www.pulpeternity.com 
Guidelines: http://www.pulpeternity.com/gl/pulp.htm 

Important information about Pulp Eternity: 

Pulp Eternity, the new cutting-edge journal of speculative fiction, mystery and fantastic romance seeks quality short fiction. We pay 3 cents a word for fiction plus one contributor's copy upon publication. We buy FNASR. No fan fiction, poetry or reprints, please. Simultaneous and multiple submissions OK.

Important information about Pulp Eternity:

Updated 24 Oct 1999.  We are currently closed to open submissions for the forseeable future, while we concentrate on production and marketing. Also, please note that the online magazine will not replace its print sister, but rather complement it.  Our next issue will ship December 1, 1999.

Previously, guidelines included...

Read the guidelines before you submit. Do not go over the word limit and do not query about longer pieces. PE features cutting-edge short fiction. I will be looking at longer stories but your best shot at publication rests with stories of 3500 words or less. We might have one or two longer stories per issue. The key here is "might." 

Due to logistics and time constraints, I will no longer be able to accept email submissions after May 15, 1999. If you still wish to submit by email, query with you special circumstance. Otherwise, all submissions should now be directed to Pulp Eternity, PO Box 930068, Norcross, GA 30003. I apologize for any inconvenience this may

You can submit multiple entries in the same envelope for snail mail subs, as long as you include a separate cover letter and SASE for each story. Make sure, however, that you include only one story with each electronic submission. Use only text or rtf attached files or paste your submission into the body of an email. 

Cover letters are now optional. 

Read this article: Getting Published in Eternity. I amended and updated it on 5/17/99. Then frame it, memorize it -- live it. Not every writer will agree with my vision for this magazine. I don't mean to convert you, only save you time and stamp money. I don't think I can be any clearer than that about what I'm buying for both magazines. 

I know what I like, when I like it. Stories don't grow on me; they don't need time to germinate in my mind (usually). That means I'm fast. I'm accepting simultaneous and multiple submissions now. I want your manuscripts first and you'll have an answer in a few days to a few weeks in most cases. Due to a protracted move, I've had limited time and computer access. I'm back on schedule and should be back to the shorter response times. 

See Guidelines on website for issue by issue requirements. 

Good luck! 

We accept simultaneous and multiple submissions but not reprints. If you send in separate manuscripts, include SASEs for each. Canadian writers should include 52 cents postage or 1 IRC. From all other countries, include 2 IRCs please. 

Snail Mail: Use standard manuscript format. You must include your real name, address, telephone number, and pen name, if you use one. We require brief cover letter. We are very open to new and established writers. We prefer disposable manuscripts, but if you want your manuscripts returned be sure to include a return envelope with proper
postage. Note if manuscript is available in electronic format. 

Send snail mail submissions to: Steve Algieri, Senior Editor, Pulp Eternity, PO Box 930068, Norcross GA 30003. 

Electronic Submissions: Due to the rising number of submissions, we cannot accept electronic submissions, except in special cases. Query me at pulpeternity@hotmail.com. Note the new address. The old email will not work in a few days, so note our new permanent email. We will, however, respond by email if you wish to save postage. 

Last updated 12 December 1999 
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