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The Prague Tribune

Contact:  Klara Smolova
E-mail:    editor@prague-tribune.cz
Web site: www.prague-tribune.cz
tel: +420 2 54 80 72, +420 2 54 81 90
fax: +420 2 54 22 89

"I'd like to stress out that even if we're published in English we are only focusing on economic issues in the Czech Republic (and sometimes Slovak too)."

Feature stories on economic and business issues, technology, real estate, finance and stock markets, trends in various industries, telecommunications, education, health care etc. in the Czech and Slovak Republics; apart from that we publish shorter people profiles, interviews, cultural, travel and sports stories.

Feature stories are usually 1,200 to 1,500 words, length of other stories varies anywhere from 250 to 1,000 words.

Method of submission:
E-mail to editor@prague-tribune.cz or publisher@prague-tribune.cz.

The Prague Tribune reserves the right to edit and/or shorten the story to fit the given space. TPT commits not to provide the story or parts of it to another party without the writers approval.

Payment rates:
Kc 4 per word of the published text.

Additional information:
TPT is open to receive stories from freelancers, however doesn't guarantee that every text received will be published.

Last updated on July 1999 
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