Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom 

Address:    Yew Tree House 
                    15 Nottingham Road 
                    Ashby de la Zouch 
                    Leicestershire, LE65 1DJ 
Country:    England 

Contact:     David Bell - Editor 
Email:        Stuart@peepingtom.freeserve.co.uk 
Webpage: www.dragonsoup.com/PeepTom/index.html 

Fiction Contributors Guidelines: 

"Twice winner of the British Fantasy Award, Peeping Tom primarily publishes horror and dark fantasy, although fantasy, humour and science fiction will be considered. I am looking for stories with strong characters where the story line evolves naturally out of the characters and the situations they find themselves in. The truth is that I don't really know what sort of story I want until I read it. If your story has believable characters and is a good, entertaining read, I want to read it. 

If your story falls loosely into the horror/dark fantasy/ science fiction or fantasy categories, please feel free to send it along. I am also keen to receive humorous submissions (I don't get anywhere near enough) so long as the humour evolves naturally out of the characters and the situations they find themselves in. 


1. Stories should be typed, double spaced on one side of A4 white paper, and must be accompanied by an SSAE of adequate size if you want a reply. 

2. Include your name, address and the word length of your story on the first page of your story, and include your pen name (if using one). 

3. Do not send your submission by recorded delivery. If you require confirmation of receipt, enclose another SSAE. 

4. If you reside in the U.K. then short stories should be submitted in the traditional (snail mail) way as 1 – 3 above. 

5. We would also prefer for contributors living outside the U.K. to submit stories in the traditional way, but will accept email submissions (one at a time only please to 
Stuart@peepingtom.freeserve.co.uk) from non U.K. residents. Please paste onto the main message – do not attach files. 

6. Although your submission will be handled carefully, we cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage. 

7. Length should be between 100 and 3,500 words. Longer stories of exceptional quality will be considered. 

8. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but please have the courtesy to inform us that your manuscript is being submitted elsewhere. 

9. We buy First British Serial Rights and pay approximately £2.50 per 1,000 words on publication. Copyright reverts to the author after one time use. 

10. We will consider reprints providing the story has not been previously published in the U.K. Please include the story’s full publishing history in your cover letter. 

11. All submissions are considered and selected for publication on their own merits. We do not object to multiple submissions, but please limit yourself to two or three stories at a time. 

12. Peeping Tom uses a panel of Assistant Editors. If your story is unsuitable for publication it will be returned promptly by an Assistant Editor – usually within six weeks – however if your story is recommended to the Editor then the selection process could take up to three months. Please be patient. 

13. When writing to Peeping Tom, the simple Golden Rule is: always enclose an SSAE if you want a reply. 

14. I regret that the Peeping Tom editorial team is unable to 
provide feedback on individual stories; however, we do offer 
subscribers free membership of Midnight Oil – a writer’s postal forum which allows you to receive constructive feedback from other aspiring writers. 

The best way to discover the sort of stories I'm looking for is to read a copy of Peeping Tom. 

David Bell 

Last updated on 10 July 1999 
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