Old Yorkshire Magazine

Old Yorkshire Magazine

Northern Line Design
111 Wrenbeck Drive
West Riding of Yorkshire

Tel:      01943 464702 
Fax:     01943 461211. 

Production Editor:    Brian Barker
Email:                        b-barker@dircon.co.uk 
or:                              oldyorkshire@england.com

Web Site:    http://www.keldale.com/oldyorkshire


Original articles.

Our standard article length is between 800 and 2,500 words although longer articles will be considered for serialisation.

We pay 10 per 1,000 words pro rata. Authors of accepted original work will also receive a years free subscription to Old Yorkshire magazine.

Almost anything connected with Yorkshire's past may be submitted. Stories about battles, social conditions, working conditions, places, people and events, will all be considered. The field is wide open. The only articles which we do not accept are fiction. Poetry about Yorkshire's past will also
be considered providing it does not exceed 500 words. We pay 5 for each accepted poem.

Previously published articles.

Authors' original work which has appeared elsewhere will be considered for publication providing it does not contravene any existing copyright. Copyright clearance must be obtained in writing before submitting the article. Payment rates will be as above. Copyright free items which are not the authors own work, such as extracts from old books, newspapers etc., will
be paid at a rate of 1 per 1,000 words plus any photocopying costs.


All photographs, line drawings or sketches which accompany an article, 3 for each one used. A photograph or other artwork used as a standalone feature with a caption of between 200 and 500 words; 5. Photographs should be sharp and have good contrast. Colour, monochrome and sepia prints are all acceptable. We do not accept negatives or transparencies at the moment although cibachromes produced from these are acceptable. Photocopies of photographs cannot be used for reproduction purposes. Photo captions should be on a separate sheet with a corresponding number lightly pencilled on the reverse of the print.


All text submitted should be on single-sided sheets, preferably typed or word processed with double line spacing and at least an inch and a half white border all round to allow for editing.

Text supplied on disc should be in a format for QuarkXPress page layout sustems running on Apple macs. Text on IBM/Windows discs should have a .TXT suffix and no attempt should be made to format it into columns etc.,
plain text aligned left is all that is required. A hard paper copy would also be appreciated. We will consider hand written text providing it is legible and can be read by our typesetters.

It is important to state the number of words which your article contains, either at the beginning or end of your manuscript. And do not forget to include your name and address.

Your writing should be in a style so as to make it easily understood by the layman. Obscure or technical terms should be explained in parentheses after their first mention or alternatively as footnotes at the end of the article. Articles should fall into the period dating from pre-historic times up
until 1974.

If you are sending valuable items through the post we advise you to use the Recorded Delivery service. Any items which are received by us in this manner will be returned in the same way. The utmost care will be taken with all items sent to us but we cannot be held responsible for events beyond
our control.


All payments for accepted articles etc., will be paid upon publication.

Old Yorkshire magazine is published quarterly in March, June, September and December. Price 2.50 single issue, 9.50 annual subscription UK. 13.50 annual subscription overseas. All cheques etc., should be made payable to
Northern Line Design.

Last updated July 1999
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