Network World

Network World 

Address:    IDG Communications 
                    PO Box 6813 
                    Wellesley Street 
Country:    New Zealand 

Contact:     Anthony Doesburg 
Email:        Anthony_Doesburg@idg.co.nz 
Webpage:  http://www.idg.co.nz/aboutidg/nw.html 

"New Zealand's Only Specialist Publication Covering Data and Telecommunications Networks. 

Network World provides the information network managers and professionals need in order to design, specify and implement networking and communications systems. Its editorial coverage spans the range from small local area networks through to large and complex enterprise-wide systems. Network World is published six times a year and is delivered to technical and management staff involved in their organisations' network purchasing and support. 

Commissions work from freelancers. Doesn't have formal writer's guidelines. 

Last updated on 5 July 1999 
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