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Metro Magazine




Contact:      Bill Ralston
Email:         BRalston@acpnz.co.nz

Metro is a monthly colour magazine which concentrates on
current/public affairs and lifestyle issues affecting people who live in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Every month it has at least one travel feature (2000-3000 word) profiling various locations around the world. Other stories include similar length or longer features we call "Despatches" which concentrate on on-site correspondent's reports of political issues occurring around the world.

Usually both these types of stories are either written from the point of view of a New Zealander or about New Zealanders living/working in those locations. Metro stories are often done from a first person perspective, often relatively gonzo in style and generally display a fair bit of attitude.

The payment is usually 350 NZ dollars per thousand words, which is roughly the equivalent of half a US dollar and couple of flat rocks per NZ dollar. The best form of communication is the email address listed above.

Bill Ralston

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