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Chuo-ku, kobe 
651-0092 Japan. 

Fax 078-232-4518. 

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Web Site:        http://www.kto.co.jp/kto.html
Guidelines:    http://www.kto.co.jp/writers_guideline.html


We are looking for articles which entertain while offering insights into life in the Kansai. The subject range is very wide, and thus articles on culture, business, the arts, food, law, sports, cross-cultural understanding and travel are all welcome. We assume our readers already have some knowledge of Japan, and so are not looking for 'first impression' articles. 

Style: Unpretentious, lucid. Humour welcomed. The 'Me'-quotient should be limited, unless it is subtly and cleverly done„the writer should not intrude too much into the article. 

Photos: Please. Negatives are not necessary, service size prints or slides will do. B&W or colour. If photos are not available, anything appropriately graphic is welcome. Photos will be returned. (Photographs are not usually required for short restaurant reviews, Travel Bag pieces, etc.) 

Length: Between 1,000 and 2,300 words for feature articles. Restaurant reviews should, as a rule of thumb, be between 200 and 350 words in length. Longer reviews or mini-features may be possible depending on the circumstances. 

Travel articles: Travel articles should include a brief 'How to get there and when best to go' section for inclusion at the end of the article. It is important not to be condescending about peoples and places visited. A mixture of historical background, observed detail, personal experience and hard information (prices, accommodation) probably works best. Good to include some local language, and connections with Japan. 

Restaurant reviews: Restaurant reviews must include the following information: opening times, directions, holidays, telephone and/or fax number. If possible, try and include the address and whether or not there is a non-smoking section. 

Payment: Depends on many factors, including the quality of writing. 

Method of submission: Articles should be sent by email, either in the body of the message or as an attached Text file, on a Mac-formatted floppy disk, or by mail typed & double-spaced. We regret we cannot accept handwritten articles or those sent in by fax. 

Return of photographs & articles: Kansai Time Out regrets that submitted photographs and manuscripts can not be
returned unless accompanied by a stamped self-addressed envelope. 


Last updated 12 December 1999
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