IT Malaysia

IT Malaysia 

Address:    Newsteam Sdn Bhd 
                    3rd Floor, 87-89 Jalan Ipoh 
                    51200 Kuala Lumpur 
Country:    Malaysia 

Contact:     Mr S H Lim, Associate Publisher 
Email:        itmal@po.jaring.my 
Webpage: http://itmy.newscom-asia.com/ 
Phone: (60) 3-444-8599 
Phone: (60) 3-444-9599 

"We do accept freelance contribution, and can reserve space for features/news stories on the Asian region. We do however have a slight bias in favour of news on Malaysia. Our focus is on users of technology, and not so much on IT vendors -- meaning case studies of users of software like Autocad, or companies that implement ERP. We also have sections on trends (highlighting new trends in technology, and any other industry news), business IT (stories of startups, technology exchange/stocks), law in IT (legislation and legal
issues affecting IT), and last but not least, the new IT toys that CEOs and businesspeople cannot do without. 

Rates are negotiable. 

Our monthly deadline is the 14th of each month. Stories are expected not to exceed 600 words, and hopefully can include a pix. 

Interested writers can contact Mr SH Lim, the associate 
publisher at this e-mail or telephone 03-444-8599. 


Last updated on 6 July 1999 
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