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An International Online Journal of Idea and Observation

What are we about?

If it's done nothing else, the Internet has made possible a free and easy interchange of ideas and opinion without respect to national or other boundaries. GOWANUS wants to take advantage of this new interconnectivity and share the thoughts and experiences of its users world-wide.

We publish articles, essays, short stories and reviews (especially of local publications and presses).

We pay $15-25 (US).

What are we looking for?

The English-speaking world is vast, encompassing not just nations where English is the first or even the official language. It has become the lingua franca of the planet. Some deplore this state of affairs, others feel a chauvinistic pride. GOWANUS simply means to take advantage of it, connecting writers and readers in Africa, the West Indies, the Far East with those in the US, UK and South Pacific.

Specifically: Send us 1200-4000 words of fiction or non-fiction. GOWANUS wants to know what life is like in Kinshasa and Sarajevo, in suburban Cleveland and in Delhi.

Don't worry if your English is not perfect. That's what editors are for.

Send your submission to tjhubsc@dorsai.org in plain ASCII format.

Last updated 12 December 1999
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