Address:    PO Box 225 
                    North Perth 
                    Western Australia 6906 
                    Country: Australia 

Contact:     Jeremy G Byrne 
Email:        jeremy@iz.org 
Webpage: http://eidolon.net/ 
Guidelines: http://eidolon.net/magazine/contributors.html 

Eidolon accepts fiction submissions from Australians and Australian residents only. We do not accept unsolicited email submissions. 

What we expect from you: 

Written Submissions which are: 

typed or printed
made available on request via email or on computer disk where possible (DOS/Windows, Macintosh or Amiga only)
double spaced with wide margins
presented with Title, Author & Page Number on each page
disposable (we do not return manuscripts), and no longer than 10,000 words. 

Art Submissions which are: 

copies only (originals or digital scans will be requested) 
black and white, including pencil work
clearly bounded by straight, trimmable borders
no larger than A4, including 40mm margins, and 
suitable for reduction to A5 or smaller. 

Eidolon doesn't accept unsolicited Art. If you're interested, please send samples of your work and we'll contact you. 

No SSAE is required, but manuscripts cannot be returned. All
submissions to PO Box 225, North Perth, Western Australia 6906. 


What you can expect from us: 

prompt confirmation of receipt (please supply email address if possible)
written response to your submission within ten weeks
a Contributor's Copy of the issue in which your piece appears
and a payment of A$20 for fiction and artwork (A$50 for cover art)
a supportive and constructive editorial approach
a presentation as professional and accurate as possible
consultation on proposed alterations beyond simple typographical and punctuation corrections 

Eidolon uses the Oxford English Dictionary as our referenceódeliberate variations should be noted in the covering letter, and consideration of all fiction, regardless of specific genre, although Eidolon is a magazine of SF, Fantasy and Horror. 

Eidolon regrets that we aren't always able to offer individual responses to unsolicited fiction submissions. 

We reserve the right to edit published letters, but we will avoid contextual alteration and endeavour to preserve the writer's  intent. 


Eidolon SF : Online (Special Notes) 

It is the intention of Eidolon Publications that as much from Eidolon as possible is eventually reproduced on Eidolon : SF Online. To that end, we are currently negotiating with all contributors, past and present, for electronic rights to their work. Please keep in mind when submitting that we will be requesting the right to publish your work electronically if
we accept it for the magazine. 

Last updated on 10 July 1999 
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