The Dawn 

Note: non-paying market 

Address:     Live and Learn - with Class 
                     203 Great Ocean Road 
                     Anglesea 3230 
Country:     Australia 

Contact:      Veronica Schwarz 
Email:         veronica@mypostbox.com 
Webpage:   http://redback.ne.com.au/~veronica/index.html 
Guidelines: http://redback.ne.com.au/~veronica/contrib.html 

'The Dawn' is a bi-monthly journal, dedicated to Louisa Lawson who in 1888 published 'The Dawn', the first newspaper for women in Australia. It is also dedicated to all women who want to give and receive the best in life, to move towards their full potential as human beings. 

We invite women to contribute their ideas to 'The Dawn'. 

Each one of us has a wealth of inner wisdom as well as practical experience. Let's share it. For some women, it's the first time they've seen their writing in print. 

Share your ideas on philosophy, careers, relationships, mythology, lifestyle, travel.... any topic that draws the attention of the inquiring mind. We'd love to hear from you. 

We actively encourage writers who are just starting out. Your work need not be perfect - if it inspires, entertains or informs women, it has a good chance of being published. Articles from 100 to 500 words maximum are preferred. 

Articles on the following topics would fit our regular departments: 

History of women 
Practical philosophy 
Brain Stretchers 

We also welcome articles of personal experience which entertain or inspire, and short poems. 

Unfortunately, payment can not be offered at this stage, but copies of the issue in which your work appears will be sent on publication. Writers are invited to subscribe to 'The Dawn'. This is the best way to  get the feel of the articles required. 

Last updated on 4 July 1999 
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