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Ceramic Review

Address:     Ceramic Review, 
                     21 Carnaby Street, London
                     W1V 1PH, UK

Tel:              +44 (0) 171 439 3377
Fax:              +44 (0) 171 287 9954

Contact:       Katy Bevan, Assistant Editor
Email:          ceramicr@globalnet.co.uk


Web Site:      http://www.ceramic-review.com/
Guidelines:  http://www.ceramic-review.com/index.asp

Ceramic Review is read around the world by potters,
students, enthusiasts and collectors. Articles published
are practical, technical and experiential, though we also
welcome writings which are theoretical and look at the
role of ceramics within contemporary culture.

Ceramic Review is published by Ceramic Review
Publishing Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of The Craft
Potters Association of Great Britain ltd.


Ceramic Review welcomes articles, long or short, from readers. Articles should follow the style of Ceramic Review, both in length and approach. Copy should be submitted on one side of the paper in double spacing with good sized margins all round and also on disc. Do not send original
manuscripts without keeping a copy. Articles can be accompanied by good quality Black and white photographs, colour transparencies and/or colour prints. Please caption these fully giving title, size of pot, year of making and relevant technical information. Please also ensure they
include your name and return address.

Payment is at current rates on publication. Whilst ever care is taken with material submitted, no responsibility can be accepted by Ceramic Review for accidental loss or damage to this material.

Please note copy dates should be at least 2 months in advance of publication date.

Last updated on 12 August 1999 
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