Barcelona Review

Barcelona Review

Note: Non-paying market

Address:      C/ Correu Vell 12 - 2°
                      08002 Barcelona, Spain

Fax:              (00 34) 93 319 15 96

Contact:       Jill Adams
Email:          bar_rev@retemail.es

Web Site:     http://www.barcelonareview.com
Guidelines: http://www.barcelonareview.com/mis/subguide.htm


The Barcelona Review is presently accepting submissions for previously unpublished short fiction, essays and articles. We do not accept poetry submissions. If you have any further questions after reading the following, please let us know. 

Short Fiction

Send one or two short stories to the editor. To retain punctuation and layout (including italics or any changes in font) send your word processing document (Word, Word Perfect, Claris, etc.) via e-mail as an attached file. You may also send a straight e-mail. Hard copies are accepted but cannot be returned (see address below). Although we are presently in the process of firming up policy on word length, we naturally prefer shorter rather than longer submissions not only because of the electronic format but for translation purposes.

Our preference: under 4000 words. 

The BR is open to all genres and to a variety of styles and techniques. We’re after original, potent and powerful writing with a nineties feel that is literarily sound; writing marked by a strong sense of imaginative distinction. A familiarity with some of the review's favorite authors (see Back Issues) should provide a good indication of the type of literature we are looking for. 

All submissions are read by the editor. If a piece looks promising, it is then passed to the Spanish co-editors and one or two other members of the crew. Decisions are made in a general round table meeting. The entire process takes four to six weeks. 


E-mail an outline of your article/essay to the editor with some brief biographical information. Material should be related in some way to the world of books and writing; creative non-fiction (e.g., personal essays) that fits with the review is welcome. Literary criticism and academic pieces are not what we're after. Word length preferably under 3,000 words.

Please Note

We cannot offer money to contributors, but in lieu of pay we offer an excellent Spanish translation (worth quite a bit of money in itself), two months in our feature section and two years in our easily accessible Back Issues section. Work is showcased along with two or more known authors in a high quality literary review with an international readership. Author retains all rights although for the Internet only we ask for exclusive rights for the time period agreed upon.

Send submissions and queries to:

Jill Adams, editor 
E-mail: bar_rev@retemail.es
Fax: (00 34) 93 319 15 96
C/ Correu Vell 12 - 2°
08002 Barcelona, Spain 

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