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Asian Diver is a bi-monthly consumer publication aimed at a wide spectrum of scuba divers in Asia and the rest of the world. Readership includes recreational, professional, commercial as well as would-be divers. Editorial contributions to the magazine are welcome. 


Manuscripts should be submitted in a PC-compatible format, preferably in MS Word 2.0 or 6.0 in a 3 1/2" disk, together with a hard copy. Manuscripts requiring rekeying (faxed, mailed hard copy) are unacceptable. Texts can also be sent to editor@asiandiver.com. 

Generally, any article should not be longer than 1,500 words. Dive location reports must include a 'Bearings' section which lists addresses, weather, travel and medical information, prices, best time to dive, facilities for kids, accommodation, and other pertinent travel information. All articles should be accompanied by a short (30-40 word) biography of the author. 

Photography / Art 

Photography is of paramount importance and should ideally accompany any article. Pictures must be duly captioned and credited, with the necessary copyright releases. Transparencies are preferred and these should be either originals or first-generation duplicates. Pictures for location reports should include both underwater as well as topside
shots. We reserve the right to use pictures from other sources to illustrate an article, if we deem those provided by the author to be unsuitable or insufficient. Maps of dive sites and places mentioned in an article should be provided. 

The Asian Diver cover is distinctive with its 'big blue' feel. It
should evoke a sense of the beauty and mystery of the sea.
Technically, it is a vertical silhouette or semi-silhouette shot with a visible sunburst. Potential cover shots are those framed in such a way that the yellow Asian Diver masthead can be placed across the top without interfering with the subject. 

Want List 

Cover shots

Location reports for Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines; the Pacific islands; Australia; and islands of the Indian Ocean (in order of priority)
Personal experiences or 'mood' pieces that look at diving from different perspectives. 
Personal experiences or 'mood' pieces that look at diving from different perspectives. 
The Environment - protection, conservation, etc. 
Technical diving - the science, practice and equipment involved, and missions undertaken 
Expeditions - to recover lost ship/treasure; for scientific research; to film phenomena, etc. 
Photography on marine life, coral reef and the environment. 


SIN$0.15 per word (printed); SIN$35 per picture (printed); SIN$100 per cover picture. Payment is made one month after publication date, and a complimentary copy of the issue will be forwarded to each contributor once the issue is off the press. 


All submissions shall automatically constitute an expressed warranty by the contributor that all materials are original and in no way an infringement upon any rights of others. The copyright status of an article must also be stated. We normally require one-time print usage rights for Asia and Australia. 

Asian Diver Online 

We reserve the right to publish selected articles electronically on our online magazine at www.asiandiver.com 

Submission, Usage and Return 

Contributors submitting material must state their full name and address. Anonymous submissions will not be considered. All submissions must be accompanied by a self-addressed envelope and an international reply coupon (or with a stamp if sender resides in Singapore). It must be
stated if the contribution is complimentary or not. Materials not meeting our requirements will be returned in due course, if return postage has been provided. Contact will be made with contributors whose submissions are accepted, or likely to be used, as to publication dates and other details. Any material accepted is subject to such revision as deemed necessary in our sole discretion to meet our requirements.
Materials will be returned by regular mail after publication, and all reasonable care will be taken by us in the process. However, we shall not assume further responsibility once the material has been posted. 

Please direct your correspondence to: 
Asian Diver, 
The Editor, 250 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Level 6 St 
Andrews Centre, Singapore 910801 


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