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Who are we? 

Abaddon is a biannual publication seeking to publish innovative, challenging and well-crafted writing. There will be an electronic version of the magazine which will complement the print version, and which will hopefully include multimedia works and other graphic art impossible to
reproduce on print. 

What kind of stuff are we looking for? 


The focus is on works that use the fantastic to illuminate
aspects of our contemporary experience. And we take "fantastic" in the wide sense of the word: Allegory, science fiction, fantasy, myth, satire, magic realism, speculative fiction, surrealism, the impossible, the strange, the monstrous and the absurd. The fantastic element might be subtle or minimal, but it must be present. We believe that a good story must create its own parameters rather than rely on the conventions of any particular genre. Our emphasis is on literariness and originality. We like the subversive and wayward possibilities of the fantastic, and feel that Australia lacks a market that is ready to push these boundaries. 


Anything goes, but we are particularly interested in poems that play with design and use space creatively, as well as multimedia works that mix image and text. 


We are looking for lucid and entertaining essays on cultural
topics: History, technology, the media, politics, art, literature,
philosophy, profiles on writers and artists, etc. We look for material with wide appeal—that is, nothing too local or aimed at the audience of any particular country. We are also open to fictocriticism and alternative modes of nonfiction, like photo-documentaries. 

Artwork and Comics

We need artwork both for illustrating the pieces and as stand-alones. There will be room for a couple of color artworks inside, but the rest will be in B/W. Please do not send originals, only photocopies or laser printouts that can be either disposed of or returned after inspection. Make sure the copies are clear and do some justice to the original. Alternatively, you can e-mail us a copy. (Please check "How to Submit" for details.) If you wish a particular assignment, please state so and send samples. Comic strips will run on their own. We have no particular philosophy on these. 

We are also looking for: 

interesting bits of information, trivia, accounts of unusual dreams that you have had, extraordinary experiences,
unclassifiable small pieces, quotes and reviews of books and web sites. No music reviews at this stage, sorry. Reviews of books must cover areas not usually visited by the major media outlets, like small press, self-publishing, fanzines, etc. 

Maximum word length is 3,500 for both fiction and non-fiction. But please query if you have anything longer. What kind of stories we are not likely to publish? We are not likely to accept ghost stories, traditional hard science-fiction, sword and sorcery or any story that does not say anything new. If it sounds like we've read it before, we don't want it. No
gratuitous sex, violence and psychological abuse either. 

How do we work? 

Our editorial committee will provide an individual response to each submission. Average responding time is four weeks for writers within Australia and New Zealand. Add two weeks for overseas submissions. 

Once it reaches our hands, three things may happen to your work: 

(1) It may be rejected, and we will do our best to tell you why. We know the amount of work and care that goes into crafting a story. Rejection hurts, but it is part of the business of writing. Part of our aim is to make some comments on your work and suggest some changes. However, if you are serious about your writing you should already be out there trying to gather as much constructive criticism as you possibly can. 

(2) It may be accepted. We buy Australian rights until publication. At this stage, we pay 1/2 cent (Australian) a word for fiction, poetry and essays. Enough to cover your costs. (No money for reviews and other pieces, sorry.) In addition, contributors receive four copies of the issue their work is in and a year’s subscription for the two consecutive issues. 

(3) If a piece shows promise but we feel it is yet to reach its full
potential, we are prepared to work with the author to get the
manuscript into a publishable state. In this case, we also expect the same degree of cooperation and good will from you. 

How to present your manuscripts: 

Manuscripts should be neatly typed on A4 paper, one side. We accept stuff printed on recycled paper, as long as it is clear which side we are supposed to be reading. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope of sufficient size and postage, otherwise your submission will be ignored. 

For submissions outside Australasia, you are encouraged
to send a disposable manuscript. One International reply coupon and SASE is enough for reply. Also, if you incorporate images or use adventurous type-faces, please send us the manuscript as you would like it to look on the page. 

Cover page is optional. If you send a feature, or nonfiction, please include any relevant bio or info that may serve as introduction or as background to the piece. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, as long as you let us know. Electronic submissions are not accepted.  Combination: We can respond by email to your hard copy submission. So, if you wish to save some money on postage, please give us your
email address and we will treat the manuscript as disposable. 

All material should be mailed to Abbaddon Magazine, P.O. Box 2258, Carlingford Court, N.S.W. 2118, AUSTRALIA. 
E-mail enquires: saturn_press@hotmail.com. 

We hope to see your work on our pages. 

Last updated on 12 July 1999 
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