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Worldwide Freelance Writer is a paying market. Because this site is mainly a personal hobby, not a business, the pay is small.  

In the event this site goes commercial we will of course offer more attractive rates and writers who have already contributed will have a good opportunity to sell further pieces.

Preferred article length is around 600-900 words. 

All queries and articles must be submitted by email in the body of the message (no attachments).  Send to worldwidefreelance@yahoo.com, with "Submissions" as the subject. I ONLY accept email submissions, so please do NOT post hard copies of your manuscript. They will not be returned.

We're looking for articles on:

how to write for international markets
how to successfully sell writing to international markets
(occasionally) writing in general
(occasionally) writing from home: - working out of a home office without going insane.

Queries should include:

brief outline of your proposed article 
estimated number of words
sample of writing if available
link to your website if you have one


Reprints are OK.  If your article has appeared elsewhere, please tell us where. Please note we don't want to purchase articles which are currently on other major writing sites. We prefer to add value to our readers.


I pay $100 HK (approx $13US) per article, upon publication.


If I accept your article I purchase:


non-exclusive rights to publish your article on Worldwide Freelance Writer website, and


one-time non-exclusive worldwide rights to print your article in Worldwide Freelance Writer electronic newsletter and the non-exclusive right to reprint your work in archival versions of our newsletter.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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